Ik won een zilveren beker met een serie van 7 olieverfschilderijen van een jonge Haitiaanse vrouw gedurende haar zwangerschap.

With 7 oilpaintings of a pregnant Haitian woman     I won the Florentine Premio Brunellesco of 1972 and a silver cup. 

Pietro Annigoni  (June 1910 - October 1988) was an Italian portrait and fresco painter in Florence.

He showed me the recipe to make egg tempera and explained ways to handle toxic lead white, the only white to consolidate grounding a canvas or wooden panel and strengthen the first layers of an oilpainting.

Lead white mixed with zinc white protects the preparation of a canvas against the passing of time, it prevents eventual cracking and remains more solid yet transparent and will keep the next layers of paint from yellowing.

Annigoni never left Renaissance technics: he refused to abandon traditions in favour of a modern approach of relaxed ways of throwing the paint on the canvas in so-called free expression while using the noble material in feverish gusts of inspiration, forgetting what time will do when the painting is exposed to dust, moisture or strong light like sunlight or spots, to then be stored in dark places, where layers of paint on the canvas are attacked by differences in temperature and might dry out while being piled up one against the other. Restorers are able to repair or retouch, but centuries later some damage might have been done forever.