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Portraits + Landscape

Switzerland, Italy, Spain, 

France and The Netherlands






Born Amsterdam 1936, scholarship Royal Academy,1956-58. Married 30 sep 1958-72 to Nils Tellander and lives in Lausanne. With Nils consenting she studies at American Highschool Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy 1968-1971.

MA diploma: etching with Swietlan Kraczyna, lithography with Dennis OlsenPurchase etching-press Bendini in '71. Pietro Annigoni who portrayed English Queen Elisabeth and American President Kennedy, shows to mix paint powder with egg yolk and add lead-white to underlying layers of paint. 

1974 Portraits and painting 'Landscape' plein air'. 1975 She starts her Swiss Studio in St-Triphon (Vaud). 

Luis Camnitzer of Pratt's Institute New-York comes to Italy to teach multi-plate color-etching and photo-etching on light sensitive plates: softground technicsliftground or multi-plate etchings. 

Hubertine paints Swiss barns and until 1988 continues dust grain photo etching. Then she follows fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier  Yves St Laurent  John Galliano  Manish Arora and Le Mindu.                                1994-1995 In Singapore at Nancy Roach Gallery she exhibits etchings, paintings and sells everything. 

1996-2006  Study about Sorolla y Bastida in Valencia, Spain, and oil paintings of Mir y Trinxet near Barcelona. She paints flowering almond trees in february 2004-06. In the South of France she paints small fishingboats of Bages. 

Musée de l'Elysée Lausanne has 45 héliogravures                                            

Musee Jenisch, 50 etchings. Musée du Chablais keeps Hubertine's artworks.                    

2012: The library of Fondation Pierre Gianadda keeps her book by PA Genillard Parcours d'une artiste-peintre, in the town of Martigny; the BCUL keeps a copy in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

In 2017 Michiel Nijhoff, librarian of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam obtains a copy. Dutch Museum Bommel-van Dam, Venlo keeps 23 etchings by Hubertine Heijermans.  

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