Paintings in oil    







Portraits + Landscape

Switzerland, Italy, Spain, 

France and The Netherlands






Born in Amsterdam,1936, scholarship at Royal Academy in 1956-58. Marriage on 30 sept.58 to Nils Tellander. Am.Highschool Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy 1968-1971.

MA diploma: etching by Swietlan Kraczyna, lithography by Dennis OlsenPurchase etching-press Bendini in '71. Pietro Annigoni who portrayed Queen Elisabeth and Kennedy, shows her to mix paint powder with egg yolk and to add lead-white to underlying layers of paint. 

1974 Painting portraits and landscape 'plein air'. In 1975 she starts her own Swiss Art Studio in St-Triphon (Vaud). 

Luis Camnitzer of Pratt's Institute New-York comes to Italy to teach multi-plate color-etching and photo-etching on light sensitive plates: softground technicsliftground or multi-plate etchings. A photo transfered on a light sensitive plate is an etching to be inked and printed on paper. 

Hubertine paints Swiss barns and until 1988 continues dust grain photo etching. Then she follows fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier  Yves St Laurent  John Galliano  Manish Arora and Le Mindu.                                1994-1995 In Singapore at Nancy Roach Gallery she exhibits etchings, paintings and sells everything. 

1996-2006  Study about Sorolla y Bastida in Valencia, Spain, Mir y Trinxet, Barcelona. Painting almond trees in febr 2004-06, in the South of France she paints fishingboats.  Musée de l'Elysée Lausanne has 45 héliogravures, Musée Jenisch, 50 etchings. Musée du Chablais

2012: The library of Fondation Pierre Gianadda Martigny keeps her book by PA Genillard Parcours d'une artiste-peintre  like the BCU in Lausanne.  

In 2017 Michiel Nijhoff, librarian of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam obtains a copy. Dutch Museum Bommel-van Dam keeps 23 etchings by Hubertine Heijermans.  

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